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​Art Classes

Art for Tots:
2 - 4 years old

The Arts for Tots 45 minute sessions are a great chance for children to explore an introduction to painting whilst having fun and occasionally a little messy! We create a wide variety of cool projects each week mainly focusing on painting rather than arts & crafts. 

Parents have the option to stay and paint together or you drop off your child and encourage them to work independently

The maximum for this class is 5 students

Budding Artists:
4 - 8 years old

In our Budding Artist classes the students work for one hour each session, our main focus in these classes is working with Acrylic on Canvas, we also encourage the students to explore other art mediums & styles such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, collage work & stenciling.  This class teaches students how to plan and sketch out their projects with guidance from our teachers.

The maximum for this class is 8 students.

Young Artists:
8 - 13 years old

Our Young artists classes run for one and a half hours, giving the students more time to work on more complex projects. In these classes children are encouraged to sketch and plan their pieces with guidance from our teachers allowing them to work independently and explore their own creativity working with different mediums and on larger canvas'.



The maximum for this class is 8 students.